PayPal Currency Conversion and Exchange Rates Guide 2019

PayPal YouTrip Card Currency (Exchange Rates Currency Conversion)
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Should you pay in SGD or USD? Avoid PayPal’s currency conversion fees and poor currency exchange rates with this simple guide!


So after hours of deliberation and self-bargaining, you’ve finally reduced your 20 cart items to a few must-haves (ugh but those socks look really good thooo). Now that you’re only left with few clicks of checkout and payment, it must feel good to finally make the purchase.

But wait, what’s up with the PayPal payment page?


Should I pay in SGD or USD? Should I choose PayPal currency conversion? Or should I choose to convert currency with card issuer instead? Wait, what’s the difference? I should Google this, right…? Ugh, not another deliberation!!

Fret not YouTroopers, here’s a step-by-step guide to navigate the PayPal payment page so that you can avoid currency conversion fees and poor exchange rates. Let’s go!

Step 1: Trigger Payment

Once you’ve decided your final cart items, select PayPal payment and choose “Pay for goods or services”. You’re not required to pay a fee here.

PayPal 1 Trigger Payment (Exchange Rates Currency Conversion)

Step 2: Change Currency to USD

Don’t miss this step! Choose to pay in USD because the PayPal currency exchange rates are not the best, plus there’s a PayPal currency conversion processing fee. Oof, double whammy!

PayPal 2 Change USD Currency (Exchange Rates Currency Conversion)

Step 3: YouTrip as Payment Method

Remember to use your YouTrip card for great rates and to avoid pesky fees!

PayPal 3 YouTrip Card Currency (Exchange Rates Currency Conversion)

Step 4: Change Currency Conversion Method

This is where most people make the grave mistake. If you see the option “Convert currency with PayPal”, hit the “Change” button!

PayPal 4 Change Currency Converter Option (Exchange Rates Currency Conversion)

Step 5: Convert with Card Issuer

Select the “Convert with card issuer” option. Why? Because YouTrip offers Wholesale Exchange Rates with zero fees!

PayPal 5 Currency Converter (Exchange Rates Currency Conversion)


That’s it! You’re all set to pay with your YouTrip card without having to be subjected to PayPal’s poor currency exchange rates and currency conversion fees. Here’s to more shopping!

Cash Money

Wait, how much am I really saving?

Depending on your spending amount, you’re saving around 3% to 4% on average, within a USD $200 transaction. Here’s a table for comparison:

Item Amount (USD) Pay with PayPal Conversion (SGD) Pay with YouTrip (SGD)
$50 $70.76 $68.50
$100 $141.50 $137
$200 $285.05 $274.01

Pretty neat, huh? So the next time you’re checking out with PayPal, remember to follow these 5 simple steps to avoid hefty fees and charges. Shoutout to our fellow YouTrooper Jonathan Lee for this kickass PayPal guide!

  1. Trigger Payment
  2. Change Currency to USD
  3. YouTrip as Payment Method
  4. Change Currency Conversion Method
  5. Convert with Card Issuer

If you also have money saving tips and hacks to share, drop a note to!


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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less experience today!

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