YouTrip: We’re Upgrading!

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UPDATE 3 Aug, 08:30 (SGT): Upgrades completed! Please update your YouTrip app now. For security purposes, your first login onto the new platform will require an SMS OTP.

Hey YouTroopers,

As you may have heard from our last note to you, we’ve been upgrading our systems to address the surge of new user sign-ups and overloaded usage activity. Since then, you should be enjoying a smoother payment experience. 😎

However, as we progress into the last stage of the upgrade, it could affect your app usage intermittently. Top up your YouTrip account by 1 August 2019 (Thursday) to continue using YouTrip for payments during this upgrading period of up to 24 hours.

Heads Up!

Starting 0930 hours on 2 August 2019 (Friday), we are moving our current platform to an entirely brand new platform. All YouTrip app services will be paused to commence the move.

Think of someone shifting house – clothes, belongings, furniture, electronics (and many more) have to be carefully moved from the old house to the new home.

As we start moving these items one by one, we may experience a few hiccups – like a jammed door or just a traffic jam to our new home. However, we’re giving our 200% effort to ensure that this upgrade will be done swiftly and efficiently within 24 hours or earlier.

What Must I Do?

During this extended period, you may not be able to access your YouTrip app to perform top-ups, exchanges, and card lock. Card transactions will not be affected, you can continue to make purchases and ATM withdrawals during this period.

Hence, you’re highly encouraged to top up your YouTrip account by 1 August 2019 (Thursday).

What If I Need Help?

Even though we’re unplugging and moving, you can still reach out to our Customer Experience team via email if you require urgent assistance. 

Also, keep up with our status on Twitter (@YouTrip_Status), because we’ll notify you as soon as we move into our new home. It’s bigger, shinier, and above all, it’ll help us serve you better!

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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