YouTrip Lands in NATAS Travel Fair 2019

YouTrip Lands in NATAS Travel Fair 2019
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YouTrip lands in NATAS Travel Fair 2019 to help travellers save on their upcoming trips with competitive exchange rates!


Last week, YouTrip assembled an eye-catching booth at the NATAS Travel Fair to assist fairgoers in downloading and registering their multi-currency travel wallet.

Many folks approached to enquire on the currency exchange rates of their upcoming holiday destinations, and were pleasantly surprised by YouTrip’s competitive Wholesale Exchange Rates. Popular exchange rates include the Japanese Yen (JPY), Korean Won (KRW), and Taiwan Dollar (TWD).

Japanese Yen (JPY)

Exchange JPY ¥10,000
Google Rates SGD $121.87 +0%
YouTrip SGD $122.20 +0.27%
 Money Changer  SGD $123.50  +1.33%

Korean Won (KRW)

Exchange KRW ₩10,000
Google Rates SGD $12.07 +0%
YouTrip SGD $12.11 +0.24%
Money Changer SGD $12.30 +1.90%

New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

Exchange TWD $10,000
Google Rates SGD $438.56 +0%
YouTrip SGD $440.10 +0.35%
Money Changer SGD $444.44 +1.34%

Rates accurate to 26 Feb, 4:00 am UTC

As in-app registration takes less than three minutes, fairgoers downloaded and registered their accounts immediately on the spot.

Photo by Azim Loh (@azimloh)

Those who downloaded and registered their YouTrip accounts at the fair were rewarded with a SGD $5 credit in their YouTrip wallets, as well as a SGD $5 Coffee Bean voucher!

Photo by Azim Loh (@azimloh)

Key Benefits

  1. No fees, no subscription, no extra charges
  2. Wholesale Exchange Rates at your fingertips 24/7
  3. Pay in 150+ currencies worldwide

Apart from new signups, current users also dropped by YouTrip’s booth to share their positive experiences with using YouTrip overseas.

“I’ve been using your (YouTrip) card for a while now,” said Mdm Chiew Ying, who is in her late fifties. “My son is in studying Australia now and he’s also using it.”

“One time we managed to get AUD $1.04 per SGD, I was so happy!”

Trending Beyond NATAS

YouTrip’s presence was also felt beyond the NATAS Travel Fair, and in the digital world. Over the weekend, YouTrip clinched the top trending spot in Google Play Store, while appearing on the trending list in App Store.

If you’ve missed us during the NATAS Travel Fair, don’t fret! Find the promo code below to enjoy a SGD $5 credit when you download and make your first top up.

Photo by Azim Loh (@azimloh)

Promotion ends 16 March 2019, so hurry if you haven’t downloaded yet!


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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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