Best Freight Forwarders Singapore 2019 (Agent Comparison)

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Find the cheapest freight shipping rates from the US in this price comparison guide of popular forwarding agents – yay to overseas online shopping!


Not all popular online shopping sites ship to Singapore, but that has never stopped Singaporeans from getting the latest US fashion apparels and goods. Here’s an overview price comparison guide of popular forwarding services that you can use for your next overseas purchase.

Forwarder Countries Supported Sample Parcel 600g
(USD $100 Value)
Duration from USA
Comgateway USA SGD $25.14 (USD $18.50) 5 to 8 business days
Vpost USA, China, Europe, Japan SGD $18.86 9 to 12 business days
ezbuy USA, China, Taiwan, Korea SGD $19.50 8 to 11 business days
SGshop USA, China SGD $7.98 5 to 7 business days


Comgateway is an established forwarding agent that specialises in US shipping. Their cheapest freight Standard Shipping takes 5 to 8 business days, and Comgateway has maintained a reputation of being reliable and fast over the years.

Fuel surcharges and insurance fees apply too, so use their shipping fees calculator to find out the final price before you ship. If your credit card isn’t accepted by the overseas website, Comgateway offers a BuyForMe service to help you place the order at an extra 5% charge.

Comgateway also has free storage (up to 30 days) in their warehouse so that you can wait for all your orders to arrive, and repackage everything into one big parcel to save costs. Note that combining of packages is free for the first 3, and US$1 (SGD$1.35) for subsequent boxes. Repackaging fees apply.


  • US Standard: USD $11.80 first 500g + USD $3.25 next 500g
  • US Express: USD $13.57 first 500g + USD $3.74 next 500g

Reputation: 👍👍👍
Speed: 👍👍👍
Price: 👍
Best for: Fast one-off purchase (non-bulky)


Vpost is owned by Singpost, and is one of the earliest to start forwarding services in Singapore. Their cheapest freight Economy Shipping takes 9 to 12 business days from the US, and are generally reliable despite the slower shipping time.

Vpost also has a Sea Freight option that serves bulky items above 10kg, which is very affordable but takes 35 to 60 business days. A 10kg item will only cost about $43.80.


  • US Economy: SGD $13.40 base + SGD $0.91 per 100g
  • US Sea Freight: SGD $39.90 base + SGD $0.39 per 100g
  • Europe Economy: SGD $23 base + SGD $1.25 per 100g
  • Japan Economy: SGD $16 base + SGD $1.45 per 100g
  • China Economy: SGD $12 base + SGD $1 per 100g

Reputation: 👍👍
Speed: 👍
Price: 👍👍
Best for: Slow one-off purchase (bulky)


Despite the controversial “scalping” allegations case in 2017 with Taobao’s parent company Alibaba, ezbuy remains a popular forwarding agent for other China shopping sites, as well as shipping from US, Taiwan, and Korea. ezbuy’s cheapest Economy Shipping takes 8 to 11 days from the US.

Agent fees start from 8%, plus international freight shipping fees vary depending on the type of products, so visit their rates page for the full breakdown of charges before you ship. For frequent shoppers, ezbuy offers a SGD $99/year Prime Membership that allows you to pay a maximum of SGD $2.99 per shipping, regardless of the item quantity, weight or size. This is an absolute steal if you’re looking to purchase bulky items like furniture!


  • US Economy: SGD $3.99 per 500g
  • Korea Standard: SGD $2.90 per 500g
  • Taiwan Economy: SGD $3 per 500g
  • China Economy: SGD $1.69 per 500g

Reputation: 👍👍
Speed: 👍
Price: 👍👍
Best for: Slow multiple purchase (bulky & non-bulky)


SGshop is rather new compared to other forwarders, and it’s very similar to ezbuy, as it specialises in Taobao forwarding. SGshop also supports US forwarding, and their US shipping takes 5 to 7 business days.

SGshop offers the lowest US forwarding freight rates thus far, starting from SGD $3.99 per 500g, and also has a Buy For Me service that charges slightly higher than ordinary shipping rates. Agent fees and clearance fees apply, so visit their rates page for the full breakdown of charges before you ship.


  • US Economy: SGD $3.99 per 500g
  • China Economy: SGD $1.99 per 500g

Reputation: 👍
Speed: 👍👍
Price: 👍👍👍
Best for: Fast one-off purchase (non-bulky)

So which is the cheapest or best forwarding agent for me?

If you’re looking to make a fast one-off, non-bulky purchase, Comgateway is the most reliable and quickest.

If you’re ok with trying a fairly new forwarder, SGshop is the cheapest and quickest.

If you’re buying many bulky items throughout the year, ezbuy Prime is the most cost-effective.

If you’re buying from Taobao, learn to ship directly in this How to Ship From Taobao 2019 Guide.

How else can I save?

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  2. Use your YouTrip card to enjoy good Wholesale Exchange Rates and zero fees when paying in foreign currency.
  3. Learn to take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates.


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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less buying experience!

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