12 Travel Hacks To Become a Smarter and Better Traveller

12 Travel Hacks To Become a Smarter and Better Traveller
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Here are 12 travel hacks that you need to know to save money on your holiday – free food, free room upgrades, exclusive discounts and more!

Learn how to stretch your dollar and save money with these ingenious travel hacks. Become a savvy traveller and your wallet will thank you forever.

1. Price Match Your Hotel Booking

One of the best travel hacks is to book from sites that provide price match guarantee. This way, you can hedge the price of the hotel you’re paying. Here’s 7 more booking hacks to score best deals.

“For example, a hotel you booked for an upcoming December trip costed SGD $100. Due to foreign currency fluctuation, the price changed to SGD $90 in November. You can price match it and get SGD $10 back.” – Soo JianHao

2. Notify Hotel About Your Anniversary

Free room upgrade, you say? If you’re celebrating an anniversary with your beloved spouse, don’t be shy to let the hotel know of this joyous occasion. Chances are your room will be upgraded and you’ll also receive freebies like a slice of cake or fruit platter. This is one of the easiest travel hacks – all you have to do is drop a call or email to the hotel!

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3. Stock Up Travel Size Toiletries

Pharmacies often have travel-sized toiletries on clearance sale, so stock up whenever you see them. You don’t want to be scrambling for bulky toiletries at the last minute.

“Buy the travel-sized face washes at Guardian – you pay $2 for a 50ml Garnier bottle while the 100ml bottle costs $9.90.” – Jonathan Jabez Lee-Rappa

4. Combine Your Checked Baggage

This is one of the most effective travel hacks – instead of buying checked baggage allowance for every single traveller, simply combine and buy a total allowance under one traveller’s name. This is cheaper than buying allowance for each individual traveller.

“Many are unaware that airline counters determine based on the total weight and not the number of luggages, unlike carry-on baggages.” – Smith Chua

5. Have Snacks on Standby

Delays are common, be it flight or train. Have a granola or energy bar on standby whenever you’re travelling to avoid spending large amounts of money on expensive airport food. Here’s +1 for food travel hacks.

6. Eat Before You Fly

As expensive as airport food can be, inflight meals and beverages on budget airlines are straight up ridiculously pricey. So if you’re flying on budget airlines, remember to grab a bite at the airport before boarding your flight.

7. Buy Fresh Meals in Supermarkets

Many supermarkets in places like Japan and United Kingdom (Singapore included) sell freshly-made meals. They’re often inexpensive and filling, so your wallets don’t have to take a hit. Yay to more food travel hacks!

“Lookout for day end discounts off fresh food meal sets at supermarkets when nearing closing hours.” – Anasta Sia

8. Follow the Locals for a Meal

Here’s another food tip to add into your travel hacks mix: Nothing beats eating with the locals at their favourite hunts. Not only is the food cheaper and deliciously authentic, it’s the perfect hearty meal to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

“Feast at local market for breakfast to kick start in the morning 👍.” – Toh Layhoon

9. Redeem Free Food

Did you know? Many restaurants offer free food when you sign up for their newsletter or EDMs. Always check out eateries that have rewards program or apps. If your birthday happens to be during your travel period, you’ll get even more freebies. Now this takes travel hacks to a WHOLE ‘nother level!

“In the US, I’ve got almost 1 week worth of free food with $0 spent! It’s awesome!” – Ong Zhang Quan

10. Throw a Hotel Room Party

When travelling with your friends, it’s obligatory to throw a hotel room party and then having that heart-to-heart afterwards. It’s cheaper than drinking out at the bars, and you don’t have to worry about sprawling on the cosy hotel room floor when you’re all drunk. Travel hacks are not complete without cheap booze!

“😍 Stock up drinks and snacks from local supermarkets to try a whole range of local delights.” – HL Goh

11. Shop Online & Pick Up in Store

We’re all tempted to rush to the nearest Selfridges or Target for retail therapy because they’re not available in our home country. But wait! Always look online for any exclusive deals or promo codes because online deals are often better! Be sure to read this Paypal Guide and How to Avoid DCC Guide first before you make foreign currency purchases. Shopping travel hacks here we come!

“I checked for online discounts at Old Navy and realised it was cheaper, so I bought online and chose the ‘Pick Up In Store’ option!” – Lim Ziyan

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12. Fulfil Overseas Purchase Requests

On top of money-saving travel hacks, how about one that earns you money? If you foresee having extra luggage space for your return trip, help someone bring back a beloved item and earn some sweet cash while you’re at it.

“I will check what’s popular in the country that I’m going and use Airfrov to help requestors purchase and earn some money during my trip.”
– Jjh Tan

Who says travelling has to be an expensive affair? With these travel hacks, you’re well on your way to become the smartest and savviest traveller. Save time, save money, and get the best bang for your buck.

If you’re a veteran traveller with clever travel hacks of your own, share your favourite trick with everyone in the comments below!

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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