Best Travel Insurance Singapore 2019 | Comparison Guide

Best Travel Insurance Singapore 2019 | Comparison Guide
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Find the cheapest travel insurance plans – including highest coverage for medical, flight delays, missing/damaged baggage and even adventurous activities.

Singaporeans spend a lot of time comparing travel insurance plans because we all have different concerns when travelling. Some of us look out for the cheapest travel insurance plans, while others might need those with the highest medical coverage. Here’s a quick comparison summary of the best travel insurance providers and plans in Singapore to best suit your needs!

Best Travel Insurance in Singapore (2019)

Best ForTravel Insurance Provider and Plan
Overall CoverageMSIG TravelEasy
Cheapest Travel InsuranceEtiqa ePROTECT
Highest Medical CoverageAllianz Global Assistance
Flight DelaysAXA SmartTraveller & Aviva Travel Insurance
Lost & Damaged BelongingsAXA SmartTraveller
Pre-Existing Medical ConditionsMSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex
Pregnancy Aviva Travel Insurance
Adventurous ActivitiesMSIG TravelEasy

1. Best for Overall Coverage: MSIG TravelEasy

Based on the top considerations of Singaporean travellers, MSIG TravelEasy is the go-to travel insurance plan for overall coverage.

CoverageMSIG TravelEasy Standard Plan
CostSingle (Individual) week-long trip to
ASEAN: ~ SGD $22
Europe: ~ SGD $41
SafetyTerrorism, hijacking of public transport and kidnapping/hostage situations
Overseas Medical Expenses Up to SGD $250,000
Flight DelaySGD $100 for every 6-hour delay or expenses for alternative travel arrangements
Baggage Delay/Loss SGD $150 per 6-hour delay
SGD $500 per lost article/pair/set

2. Best for Cheapest Travel Insurance: Etiqa ePROTECT

Ever heard any Singaporean complained about something being too affordable? Me neither. We’re all guilty of asking, “Which is the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore?”

With Etiqa ePROTECT, a Single Trip Basic (Individual) week-long trip costs just under SGD $20 to Asian countries and under SGD $30 to European Countries. What’s more, Etiqa frequently rolls out promotion codes, so keep your eyes peeled to snag even better deals.

Runner-up: FWD Travel Insurance
A close second is FWD Travel Insurance, with promotional codes that slash up to 20% discount.

3. Best for Highest Medical Coverage: Allianz Global Assistance

Though a typical claim limit of SGD $200,000 for overseas medical coverage should be sufficient for most trips, some of us might be more keen to increase those figures.

With Allianz Global Assistance (Gold), you can get unlimited coverage for any overseas medical emergency. Yes, UNLIMITED! You can never be too safe right? Even the basic Allianz Global Assistance (Bronze) is a strong competitor amongst other insurance providers as well, with up to SGD $400,000 for medical coverage.

Runner-up: UOB Insure & Travel
Alternatively, by comparing the lowest tier plans among travel insurance providers, UOB’s Insure & Travel provides a competitive SGD $500,000 coverage for Overseas Medical Expenses with their Essential Plan.

4. Best for Flight Delays: AXA SmartTraveller & Aviva Travel Insurance

After you touchdown at 4pm, the 5pm coach brings you to the central train station, where you will catch the 7pm train, to check into your AirBnb before 9pm. Can you imagine a flight delay that’d lead up to a trail of disastrous misses…? Some unfortunate circumstances are unavoidable and at the very least, you’d want the best reimbursement rates.

Hence, AXA SmartTraveller Comprehensive Plan covers up to SGD $2,000 for flight delays and their basic Essential Plan covers up to SGD $1,000, with SGD $100 benefit for every 6-hour delay.

Tie: Aviva Travel Insurance
Another option is Aviva Travel Insurance, as the Lite and Plus Plans cover up to SGD $1,000 for flight delays, while the Prestige Plan covers up to SGD $2,000. So don’t delay in getting your travel insurance!

5. Best for Lost & Damaged Belongings: AXA SmartTraveller

Back from Paris after some intense shopping? Your luggage is filled with precious loots from Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Or going for a winter vacation? You’ve got all your winter clothes packed. At no point in time can we cannot afford to lose our luggage – that’d be a nightmare!

Nothing can make up for your lost luggage, but at least AXA SmartTraveller Comprehensive Plan covers up to SGD $10,000 for lost or damaged belongings.

Runner-up: UOB Insure & Travel
Although UOB Insure & Travel may not cover as much overall, their limit per article/pair/set is SGD $800, which is much higher than the usual SGD $500 that other insurers offer.

6. Best for Pre-Existing Conditions: MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex

We all have our ailments, big or small. When travelling with our parents or grandparents, this might be an especially pressing concern.

Consider MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex, as it covers all types of pre-existing medical conditions, as long as the illness is stable and under control.

Runner-up: NTUC Enhanced PreX
Alternatively, NTUC Enhanced PreX, a pioneer in travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, has three plan types – allowing travellers to purchase the one best suited to their needs.

7. Best for Pregnancy: Aviva Travel Insurance

Expecting a precious little one? Not every insurance plan covers pregnancy and it’s important to ensure that your loved one is covered while travelling.

Aviva Travel Insurance covers pregnancy or childbirth-related conditions, with up to SGD $1,000 for their Lite Plan, and up to SGD $8,000 for their Prestige Plan.

Runner-up: MSIG TravelEasy
MSIG TravelEasy Elite and Premier Plans cover up to SGD $2,000 and SGD $3,000 respectively. Always read the ‘Exclusions’ to be sure on what the policy covers for pregnancy.

8. Best for Adventurous Activities: MSIG TravelEasy

Adventure junkies, we got you! From snowboarding down the slopes of Hokkaido to scuba diving in the deep blue of Phuket, the options are endless. Of course, it pays to be safe while engaging in these adventurous activities.

Apart from the traditional extreme sports such as sky diving and hot-air ballooning, MSIG TravelEasy Elite and Premier Plans now covers tobogganing, dog-sledding, and ice skating. Check out their policy T&C to see the full list.

Runner-up: AXA SmartTraveller
AXA SmartTraveller Essential and Comprehensive Plans both cover outdoor activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing, ice sports, skydiving, and even bungee jumping. #YOLO and go run free to get your adrenaline pumping.

There you go! A quick summary of the Best Travel Insurance in Singapore to suit your different needs. Better safe (and save) than sorry! You can always use your YouTrip card to pay for your travel insurance plans. Now, that’s one more thing off your travel checklist!

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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