Qoo10 Coupon Deals Hacks for Biggest Savings

Qoo10 Coupon Deals Hacks for Biggest Savings
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Utilise Qoo10’s sale events and coupons to your advantage and score the biggest saving deals.

IMPORTANT: This is not a sponsored post – it’s a personal online shopping experience.

It’s true, I once paid only $36 for a $90 cart on Qoo10, because there’s many sale events throughout the year and it’s really easy to secure good deals. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Qoo10 allows you to combine two coupons during checkout, furthering reducing the final price. That’s how I managed to pay one-third of my cart price.

Qoo10 Coupon Deals Hacks for Biggest Savings Cart

In this guide, I’ll show you step-by-step how to find these coupons and use it to your advantage.

Yes, the layout is rather messy…

Whenever I tell my friends about good deals on Qoo10, their response will always be the same: “The website is too messy!”, “I feel ATTACKED by the visuals!”, “I cannot deal with it!” Come on, if you don’t dig deep, you’re not gonna find the treasures!

Just ignore everything that’s fighting for your attention – focus only on the Sale Event and the items you’re searching for.

1. Types of Coupons

There’s three types of coupons available for redemption:

Festive Event Coupons – These are the biggest sale events that happen frequently throughout the year and you can snag the best coupons during these periods. Some popular periods include New Year, Lunar New Year, Christmas, Double 11, Cyber Monday, and the list goes on. You can spot these Festive Events easily on the homepage.

Midweek Sale Coupons – Coupons are also up for grabs during the midweek, and these usually happen rather often (weekly or fortnightly). Unlike Festive Event Coupons, Midweek Sale Coupons are usually limited to one piece only. You can spot these Midweek Sales easily on the homepage as well.

Seller Coupons
– These coupons are offered at the seller’s discretion, and can only be applied to that seller’s products only. For example, Pretty Shop offers a SGD $3 over SGD $50 coupon. This means that when you buy at least SGD $50 worth of products from Pretty Shop, you’ll be given a SGD $3 discount.

2. Redeem Coupons

Spot the Festive Event or Midweek Sale banners on your homepage. Tap into them and redeem the coupons – take note of the minimum purchase and expiry dates in the terms and conditions.

While choosing your items in the product page, scroll down to see if the seller offers Seller Coupons. If they do, then you’re in luck!

3. Checkout

While checking out your cart, you can apply these combinations of double coupons:

  • Seller’s Coupon + Festive Event Coupon
  • Seller’s Coupon + Midweek Sale Coupon

Simply put, the Seller’s Coupon can always be applied on top of Festive Event Coupon and Midweek Sale Coupon.

Easy, right? The cart was reduced from SGD $87 to SGD $70. When there are bigger Festive Events, seller’s will also be more generous with their Seller’s Coupons, so you can expect bigger savings during festive periods.

4. Exclusions

If an item is labelled as “Daily Deal” or “Time Sale Price”, they will not be applicable for any coupons. Think of it as flash sale that’s limited in quantity, hence coupons are not allowed. Other than that, you’re all good to go!


  1. Don’t be distracted by the layout – focus on redeeming Festive Event or Midweek Sale Coupons.
  2. Shops can be very generous with their Seller’s Coupons, hunt for it!
  3. Combine coupons at checkout for maximum savings.
  4. Daily deals and Time Sale Prices are not available for coupon use.

If you’re using your YouTrip card to checkout, remember to choose the Masterpass option!


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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less buying experience!

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