What to Wear For a Beach Holiday: Summer Wardrobe Under $100

What to Wear For a Beach Holiday: Summer Wardrobe Under $100
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Fretting over what to wear for a beach or summer holiday? Here’s how you can get a new summer holiday wardrobe under SGD $100 on Taobao!

Bored of looking the same in your summer travel photos? We’ve compiled a list of trending styles for you to build a new cost-efficient wardrobe from Taobao!

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Summer holiday essentials for HER

1. Sunglasses

Glare the sun down with shades that also scream “do not disturb” when you’re out having fun on your holidays. Basic sunglasses start as low as SGD $1.50. Bet you didn’t think shopping on Taobao will be THAT affordable, did you? 🤤

Shhh, no one knows how much you saved on sunnies if you wear them confidently!

2. Swimwear

Dare to bare! You’re at the beach and everyone is having the best tan of their summer time, so why not? Most swimsuits in retail stores start from SGD $50 for the entire set, whether it’s a one or two-piece bathing suit. However, chic swimsuits of similar quality on Taobao are going for just under SGD $15!

What to Wear For a Beach Holiday: Summer Wardrobe Under $100
You’ll be spoilt for choice with the endless array of chic swimsuits!

3. Shorts

Shorts are a functional cover when you leave the beach for a meal or drink, but you can turn up your style notch even more with a short overalls!

Short overalls are a good top and bottom cover when you leave the beach!

4. Utility Bag

Need a space to chuck everything on the go? A big, functional tote is certainly a must-have!

Making endless storage space look cute!

5. Beach Dress or Romper

Want to look good for a night out? We’ve got you some dress and romper deals under SGD $15! Be a princess without paying exorbitant prices! 🤪

Have it easy with this one-piece!

6. Shoes

Worried about how many chunky pairs of shoes you have to pack? What if we told you an all-in-one pair of sandals will do the trick? The best part is you pay less than SGD $10!

Strut with pride and style!

7. Sunhat

And don’t forget to shield your face from the scorching sun with a big, stylish hat!

The broad rims are good for protecting your face from sunburn!

If you’d like to purchase any of the items above, go ahead and use Taobao’s reverse image search function to save time and hassle!

Summer holiday essentials for HIM

1. Sunglasses

Turn down the glare! Taobao has many variations of sunglasses for men. You’ll definitely find one that fits your budget and style!

What to Wear For a Beach Holiday: Summer Wardrobe Under $100
Keep it simple with a pair of sleek black shades!

2. Shirt

No summer holiday is complete without tropical themed shirts – and this is just under SGD $9!

Big prints or small prints? Your choice!

3. Trunks

Want shorts that look fashionable and functional? You can easily find many plain or printed beach trunks for under SGD $10!

2019 Taobao Guide: 4-day beach holiday essentials under $100
Where reality exceeds expectation, you’re getting your money’s worth!

4. Loafers

Want to pack as minimally as possible but still want the flexibility? Loafers are great for both a beach day and classy dinner at night!

Marry functionality and flexibility in one pair!

5. Sunhat

It’s always a struggle to look good and not get sunburnt at the same time. Jungle hats have enough coverage for your face, and yet allows you to pull off the effortless boy-on-the-beach look!

Double up as a hat for fishing activities!

6. Sling Bag

Don’t limit storage space to your pockets! It’s more practical to keep valuables in a small sling bag instead, in case they get wet.

Wallet, mobile phone, sunblock, and everything you need in one handy bag!

Looking for more items? Check out the popular keywords to search and how to save money with consolidated shipping. If your purchases don’t meet your expectations, you can always learn how to request for a refund instead.

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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