Taipei Food Guide: 5 Must Eat Restaurants in Taipei (2019)

Taipei Food Guide: 5 Must Eat Restaurants in Taipei (2019)
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Forget about long lists of restaurants and night market stalls. Here’s the top 5 food you must eat in Taipei for a true taste of this foodie’s paradise!

Taipei is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, especially for foodies, thanks to its myriad of unique and homely delicacies. There are many acclaimed food places in Taipei that label themselves as the best restaurants in Taipei, but which are truly the classic eateries that have stood the test of time?

Traditional Taiwanese breakfasts? World-famous xiao long baos?

Forget about the never-ending list of restaurants or night market stalls, you probably won’t have enough time to visit all in one Taipei holiday trip. To keep things short and delicious, here are the top 5 food you must eat in Taipei to get a true taste of this foodie’s paradise:

1. Ay Chung Rice Noodles (阿宗麵線)

Taipei Food Guide Ay Chung Rice Noodles
Photo by: The Queen And Her Bling / Jacelyn Sng

One of the most popular must-eats in Taipei, Ay Chung Rice Noodles is certainly not an unfamiliar name to both tourists and locals alike.

Served with soft, succulent bits of pork intestine and thick, flavourful broth (super slurpable!), the savoury Ay Chung Rice Noodles makes for a simple, yet satisfying meal. You’ll definitely see long lines at Ay Chung Rice Noodles, but don’t worry, the lines move relatively quickly!

Must-Eat: Ay Chung Rice Noodles (From NTD $55 / SGD $2.46)
Business Hours: 10am to 10:30pm (Mon – Thurs) / 10am to 11pm (Fri – Sun)
Address: No. 8-1號, Emei St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

2. Din Tai Fung Original Store (鼎泰豐)

Taipei Food Guide Din Tai Fung
Photo by: Wander With Wonder

Have you ever wondered where the original store of Din Tai Fung is? The world-renowned Taiwanese global restaurant chain is known for their signature xiao long baos (soup dumplings) and it’s a hit in every country they go to.

Don’t miss Din Tai Fung’s original store in the Xinyi district of Taipei, where all the magic began in 1972! Serving a plethora of other dishes from chocolate-filled xiao long baos to fragrant fried rice and wholesome bowls of beef noodles, you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

Oh, and here’s a heads up! Queues are almost always long here, so grab a queue number and head off to shop around the area first. Remember to come back a little earlier than the expected seating time though, as your queue number might be called early too.

Must-Eat: Signature Pork Xiao Long Bao (From NTD $100 / SGD $4.46)
Business Hours: 10am to 9pm (Mon – Fri) / 9am to 9pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)
Address: No. 194號, Section 2, Xinyi Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

3. Fu Hang Soy Milk (阜杭豆漿)

Taipei Food Guide Fu Hang Soy Milk
Photo by: Miss Tamchiak

Never miss out on traditional Taiwanese breakfasts while you’re in Taipei, it’s the essence of local Taiwanese food!

One of the best places for the most authentic and delicious local breakfast experience is at Fu Hang Soy Milk. Serving the most fragrant and smooth soy milk in Taipei, coupled with fresh and hearty you tiao (fried dough sticks) and sinfully savoury egg crepes, it’s no wonder Fu Hang Soy Milk sees snaking queues every single day.

Heads up: While Fu Hang Soy Milk sits on level 2, the queue extends onto the ground level, and snakes around the building TWICE! So if you’re determined to taste the most delicious breakfast Taipei has to offer, make sure to arrive early because the store opens at 5:30am.

Must-Eat: Soy Milk (NTD $30 / SGD $1.34), You Tiao (NTD $25 / SGD $1.12)
Business Hours: 5:30am to 12:30pm daily
Address: 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, 108號2樓

4. Elixir Health Pot (無老鍋)

Taipei Food Guide Elixir Health Pot
Photo by: That Food Cray

No Taipei food guide is complete without a hotpot recommendation! Elixir Health Pot, otherwise known as Wu Lao Guo, is the most popular hot pot franchise in Taipei. Not only do they serve up flavourful broth loaded with generous amount of fresh ingredients, Elixir Health Pot’s menu is also full of unique dishes like tofu ice cream for your hot pot!

The service and ambience of the restaurant is also top-notch, with dim lights and servers always on stand-by to make sure you have a pleasant experience at Wu Lao Guo a pleasant and truly unforgettable one.

To top things off, Wu Lao Guo also serves thoughtful complimentary calamansi ice slushies after your meal to help you wash everything down!

Must-Eat: Creamy Tofu Hotpot Soup Base (NTD $179 / SGD $7.98)
Business Hours: 5:30am to 12:30pm daily
Address: No. 143號, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104

5. Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice (金峰魯肉飯)

Taipei Food Guide Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice
Photo by: The Ranting Panda

Another classic must-eat in Taipei is none other than its famous lu rou fan (braised pork rice). For a homely experience, head over to Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice for the most authentic lu rou fan and other popular Taiwanese dishes like pig intestine soup at extremely affordable prices.

Trust me, with the warm rice drenched in generous amount of braised sauce, every mouthful with the aromatic braised pork will leave you craving for a second bowl.

Must-Eat: Braised Pork Rice (From NTD $30 / SGD $1.34)
Business Hours: 8am to 1am daily
Address: No. 10, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

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