5D4N Seoul Itinerary Guide: Things to Do & Places to Visit (2019)

5D4N Seoul Itinerary Guide: Things to Do & Places to Visit
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Wondering where to go in Seoul? From the hottest hangouts to popular attractions, here’s a complete Seoul itinerary guide to the best things to do in South Korea’s capital city!

Seoul Itinerary Seoul

Seoul is a thriving metropolis where urban skyscrapers and rustic temples coexist in harmony. Filled with endless stretches of shopping streets and cafes, Seoul is quickly topping the list as one of Asia’s top travel destinations.

With so many places to visit and things to do in Seoul, it might seem a little bit overwhelming to say the least. But hey, we’ve got you covered! From the hottest hangouts to popular attractions, here’s a complete 5-day Seoul itinerary guide for an unforgettable time in South Korea:

When to Go Seoul: Best Season

Seoul is beautiful all year round with many seasonal festivals, food and activities to enjoy during the various seasons. That being said, the best time to visit Seoul is Spring because the weather is sunny yet cool, with temperatures falling between 7°C to 18°C. On top of the pleasant weather, Seoul will also be painted a dreamy pale pink as cherry blossoms bloom across the city during the springtime! If you’re a fan of strawberries, spring is also strawberry season—which means you’ll be able to bite into some of the juiciest, sweetest strawberries you’ll ever eat!

What to Bring: Seoul Packing List

Spring is a little more on the chilly side in Seoul, so you have to pack your favourite long-sleeved outfits. You can wear dresses too, but it’ll be wise to throw on some stockings underneath to protect your legs from the cold winds. Layering is essential, so bring your favourite outerwear, like a knitted cardigan or denim jacket. You’ll also be doing quite a bit of walking in Seoul, so bring along a pair of comfortable covered shoes. Here’s 10 cheap winter essentials you must have to keep warm.

The people in Seoul are very keen on dressing up daily, so this is the perfect chance for you to showcase your best #OOTDs! Finally, finish off your wardrobe with a face mask as Spring is also unfortunately the yellow dust season in Seoul. If you’re prone to dry skin, pack some moisturiser as Seoul’s weather tends to get dry.

Remember to toss a power plug adapter into your luggage as well, as Seoul uses Type C and F power sockets. Last but not least, don’t forget your passport! In case you’re looking to pack smarter and lighter, we’ve also curated a list of 8 genius travel accessories to make packing and travelling a breeze.

How to Get There: Flights to Seoul

Seoul is one of the top travel destinations in Asia, so there’s always plentiful flight deals to be copped. Scoot and Asiana Airlines are popular low-cost carriers for flights to Seoul with promotions that go as low as SGD $235 for one-way tickets. If you’re lucky, you could also snag return tickets to Seoul for just over SGD $600 on full service carriers like Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Otherwise, just follow @SGTravelHacks on Telegram for the instant travel promotions!

Where To Stay: Neighbourhoods & Hotels in Seoul

Seoul is filled with many distinctive neighbourhoods that have their own unique blend of South Korean culture and lifestyle. To find out which neighbourhood in Seoul you’re most suited to stay in, check out our ultimate Guide to 5 Best Neighbourhoods in Seoul.

If it’s your first time to Seoul, consider Hongdae, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Seoul where you can find street performances, themed cafes and affordable bars, clubs and karaoke places that open late into the night. Looking for affordable hotels? Enjoy up to 63% + 6% discount for hotels in Seoul when you book through Agoda with your YouTrip card!

How Much to Bring: Money Matters in Seoul

You should bring along some petty and emergency cash but other than that, you can rely on your YouTrip card as card payments are widely accepted in Seoul. With YouTrip’s Wholesale Exchange Rates, you’ll enjoy good savings with favourable currency exchange rates. If you do need to exchange some cash urgently, money changers in Myeongdong has some of the best exchange rates in the city!

Things to Do & Places to Go in Seoul

Day 1: Hang Out at Hongdae & Hapjeong

Seoul Itinerary Hongdae
Photo by: Daily Travel Pill

Kickstart your Seoul itinerary at the hip and vibrant Hongdae! Start out at the Hongdae Walking Street where you can find a variety of local favourite haunts from boutique cafes to bars and food places. Here, you’ll also be able to cop the latest Korean street fashion and cosmetic lenses to elevate your style at extremely affordable prices.

Seoul Itinerary BauHouse Dog Cafe
Photo by: Bau House Dog Cafe

When you’re ready to take a break from shopping, settle down at one of Hongdae’s many animal cafes for a cuppa while playing with adorable animals for an uplifting rest. With meerkats, foxes, and even wallabies, the Meerkat Friends Cafe is one of Hongdae’s most popular animal cafes. If you’re more of a dog person, take a short walk to Hapjeong, where you’ll be able to find Bau House, possibly Seoul’s most popular dog cafe. Don’t worry if you’re iffy about big dogs, the dogs are separated into two designated areas—big dogs and small dogs, so go ahead and add this adorable cafe into your Seoul itinerary!

Seoul Itinerary Myth Jokbal

Finally, end your night by watching street performers show off their moves and vocals back in Hongdae. Around where the street performers are, you’ll probably see a long queue for a restaurant—Myth Jokbal. Here, you can dig into delicious pork trotter dishes served with fresh salad and cold pints of beer and soju before retreating for the night.

Seoul Itinerary Luxury Su Noraebang
Photo by: Kiss My Kimchi

If you’re more of a night owl, head on over to Luxury Su Noraebang, a 24-hour and super affordable karaoke place to sing to your heart’s content into the night!

Day 2: Go Back in Time at Bukchon Hanok Village & Stroll Along Samcheongdong

Seoul Itinerary Bukchon Hanok Village
Photo by: Korea Tourism Organization

What’s a Seoul trip without Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) photos? At Bukchon Hanok Village, you can rent out Hanboks and embark on your Instagram photoshoot along traditional brick walls and Hanoks (traditional Korean houses).

Photo by: Korea To Do

After returning from the historic Joseon era with your Hanboks, you can stroll around Samcheongdong—a neighbourhood in Seoul where tradition meets modernity. There’s no shortage of indie shops selling intricate hand-made accessories and clothes here.

Seoul Itinerary Mukshidonna
Photo by: Daniel Food Diary

You’ll also be able to find a myriad of cafes and restaurants serving mouth-watering Korean fare to end your long day of photoshoots. Known for its hearty budae jiggae (army stew), Mukshidonna is definitely the hot pick here.

Day 3: Picnic at Yeouido Han River Park

Seoul Itinerary Han River Park
Photo by: i Visit Korea

Take a day in your Seoul itinerary to engage in outdoor activities at Yeouido Han River Park. A regular haunt for both locals and tourists alike, the Yeouido Han River Park is exceptionally beautiful during Spring, with cherry blossoms flourishing and decorating the park. Coupled with the cool weather and performances by buskers, you’ll definitely feel like you’re the lead in a romantic Korean drama here!

Seoul Itinerary Han River Park

You’ll probably see many couples and friends riding around the park in double-seated bicycles—that’s because the park offers bicycle rentals too. You can do the same and take your loved ones on a romantic ride around the Yeouido Han River Park to enjoy the cool wind and river view! If you prefer riding solo, you can rent out an ordinary bicycle too.

Seoul Itinerary Han River Park
Photo by: mrsleelam

Top everything off with a picnic by the river, because you don’t even have to go through the hassle of preparing and bringing your own food. Upon stepping into the Yeouido Han River Park, you will be bombarded with flyers of food delivery places that you can order from. There are also convenience stores around selling hot food and you can also make use of the instant noodles cooking machines. Once you’ve got all your food, pick a nice spot to sit down, relax, and enjoy!

Day 4: Explore Garosu-gil in Gangnam

Seoul Itinerary Garosu Gil
Photo by: Korea To Do

Garosu-gil is a must-go when you visit Seoul. Located in Gangnam, Garosu-gil is a fashion-forward shopping district with endless quaint cafes and indie local fashion designer stores tucked in every corner! It’s also located near entertainment agencies, and many celebrities have been sighted shopping here, including popular K-pop group EXO.

Seoul Itinerary Garosu Gil C27

When you’re done with shopping, fill yourself with slices of luxuriously smooth cheesecakes from C27! The popular four-storey cafe is also known for its beautiful interiors that’s perfect for snapping those Instagram shots. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice here with the 27 different flavours of cheesecakes and plethora of beverage options ranging from teas to coffees and frappes.

Worried about the extra calories? There are lots of game rooms and arcades in Garosu-gil with games like archery and basketball, so go forth and conquer as many cheesecakes as you can!

Day 5: Shopping at Myeongdong & Relax at Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower)

Seoul Itinerary Myeong Dong
Photo by: Happiness,Etc.

Finally, end off your Seoul itinerary with a day of shopping at Myeongdong! You can stock up on your favourite Korean beauty essentials and make-up at the Myeongdong shopping streets lined with homegrown cosmetic stores like Clio, Missha, and Innisfree! It’s also the perfect place to pick up some souvenirs for your loved ones back home—hand creams and sheet masks are usually on bulk sale here!

Seoul Itinerary Myeong Dong Osulloc
Photo by: Weekend Weekly

For tea time, settle down at Osulloc for an unparalleled tea experience. Serving their own special blend of organic teas and all things tea-flavoured, Osulloc is one of the most trusted and well-beloved tea houses in South Korea. Their wedding green tea (special blend of marigold, rose and cornflower), Jeju tangerine milk tea, and roll cakes are a must-try! They have take-home tea sachets as well for those who want to bring some Osulloc goodness home.

Seoul Itinerary Myeong Dong Street Food
Photo by: TheStickMadam

Besides retail stores, Myeongdong is also filled with street food vendors serving all kinds of Korean street food. From traditional snacks like tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) to more novel delicacies like torched lobster tails, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry as you shop. One of the most popular street eats here is the skewered baked cheese—pieces of cheese skewered together with rice cake and drizzled with sweet condensed milk.

For more food recommendations, check out the ultimate Seoul Food Guide: 8 Best Must-Eat Restaurants in Seoul.

Seoul Itinerary Namsan Tower

End your Seoul itinerary at Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower), an observation tower that’s the second highest point in Seoul. Here, you’ll be able to appreciate the true beauty of Seoul with its stunning skyline and colourful city lights. You can also secure a love lock at the tower—many believe that securing a padlock at the Namsan Tower can bring blessings to their relationship!

Ready to travel to Seoul? Don’t forget to book your accommodation with your YouTrip card to enjoy up to 63% + 6% discount for hotels in Seoul! Also, remember to bring your YouTrip card along to Seoul to utilise YouTrip’s Wholesale Exchange Rates for favourable Korean Won currency exchange rates!

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