Muji Hotel All You Need to Know: 9 Room Types, Prices and More

Muji Hotel All You Need to Know: 9 Room Types, Prices and More!
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Muji launched its hotels in Shenzhen, Beijing, Tokyo and now you have a chance to experience the minimalist Japanese retailer’s hospitality and facilities!

How many times have you dreamt about furnishing your own home with Muji’s furniture as you step into a Muji store? Muji has gained a cult following over the years with its minimalistic concept in their products like household essentials, furniture and even cosmetics.

Muji Hotel Ginza
Photo by: Muji Hotel Ginza

This year, Muji brought its ‘less is more’ philosophy into the hospitality sector, opening three hotels globally: Shenzhen, Beijing, and most recently Tokyo.

What types of rooms are available? How much is one night? What facilities are available? Here’s all you need to know about Muji’s latest hotel in Ginza, Tokyo:

What’s Special About Muji Hotels?

Muji might mean ‘no brand’ or ‘anti-label’ with a strong focus on simplicity, but they’re rich in what distinguishes them from other brand names.

Muji Hotel Ginza Room
Photo by: Muji Hotel Ginza

Besides minimalism, Muji is also very keen on sustainability – and Muji Hotel Ginza embodies just that. With much of its interior produced from recycled materials such as ship debris and even paving stones from over a century ago, Muji Hotel Ginza offers not only a cosy stay for its guests, but also the strong vision of their brand.

9 Types of Muji Hotel Rooms

How much does it cost to stay at Muji hotel?

Room TypePriceBedSizeCapacity
Type ASGD $186Semi-Double14 – 15m2

1 – 2 pax
Type BSGD $348Double20m2

1 – 2 pax
Type CSGD $373Double24 – 25m2

1 – 2 pax
Type DSGD $448Twin34 – 35m2

1 – 3 pax
Type ESGD $461Twin36 – 37m2

1 – 3 pax
Type FSGD $461Hollywood Twin36m2

1 – 3 pax
Type GSGD $373Bunk Bed25m2

1 – 3 pax
Type HSGD $373Double27m2

1 – 2 pax
Type ISGD $698Twin52m2

1 – 4 pax

Muji’s mission is to provide customers with simple and elegant lifestyles at reasonable prices. This vision reflects entirely in all of their 79 rooms at Muji Hotel Ginza, which are all carefully curated from specially-designed mattresses to cosy lighting to ensure hotel guests experience the utmost relaxation during their stay.

Muji Hotel Ginza Room
Photo by: Muji Flagship Ginza

Check-ins and check-outs are standardised at 3pm and 11am respectively, and the rooms are all equipped with amenities from your basic toiletries and wi-fi to Muji’s iconic aroma diffusers and air purifiers – talk about maximum relaxation!

Plus, you can also opt in for a daily traditional Japanese-style breakfast for just SGD $16.

Muji Hotel Ginza Breakfast
Photo by: Ryohin Keikaku

Muji Hotel Ginza Facilities

1. Muji Flagship Ginza Store

What’s a Muji Hotel without a Muji store? Sharing the space with Muji Hotel Ginza is Muji’s global flagship store that runs through 6-storeys.

Muji Ginza Flagship Store
Photo by: Ryohin Keikaku

With over 7,000 selection of items, the Muji store also offers exclusive services and products only available in this location! Most importantly, the Muji Flagship Ginza store is also tax-free.

Opening hours: 1st floor: 07.30am to 9pm / 2nd – 6th floor: 10am to 9pm / Tea-Blending Studio: 10am to 9pm

2. WA Japanese Restaurant

At WA Japanese Restaurant, you’ll be able to taste local delicacies made from local resources from regions all over Japan. We’re talking the freshest vegetables and seasonal menus!

Muji Hotel Ginza WA Japanese Restaurant
Photo by: Muji Japan
Muji Hotel Ginza WA Japanese Restaurant Food
Photo by: Muji Japan

Opening hours: Breakfast: 7am to 10am (Last order 9.30am) / Lunch: 11.30am to 3.30pm (Last order 3pm) / Dinner: 5.30pm to 10.30pm (Last order 9.30pm, drinks until 10pm)

3. Muji Diner

At Muji Diner, you’ll be able to enjoy simple meals that focus on the natural flavour of each ingredient. Indulge in guilt-free dishes as the meals here are entirely preservative-free and organic!

Muji Hotel Ginza Diner
Photo by: Muji Flagship Ginza
Muji Hotel Ginza Diner Fresh Food
Photo by: Muji Flagship Ginza

The ingredients that goes into the menu are also brought in at the peak of their seasons in order to ensure the freshest, most delectable flavours.

Opening hours: Breakfast: 07.30am to 11am (Last order 10.30am) / Lunch: 11am to 3pm (Last order 2.30pm) / Cafe Tea: 3pm to 5pm (Last order 4.30pm) / Dinner: 5pm to 10pm (Last order 9.30pm)

4. Muji Bakery

If you smell the tantalizing aroma of freshly-baked bread and warm sugar, it’s definitely coming from the Muji bakery.

Muji Hotel Ginza Bakery
Photo by: Muji Flagship Ginza

Be spoilt for choice at the vast variety of delicious pastries made from Japanese-grown wheat and satisfy your sweet tooth with red bean, custard, and an abundance of other uniquely-Japan flavours!

Opening hours: 7.30am to 10pm

5. Atelier Muji

Atelier Muji is a multi-purpose hall. In addition to two exhibition galleries, Atelier Muji also comprises of the Muji Salon, Library and Lounge, an event hall in which Muji’s vision and ideas for the future are regularly shared.

Atelier Muji Ginza
Photo by: Atelier Muji Ginza

If you’re one for design and wish to learn more about the rich cultural background of Muji and Japan, Atelier Muji will definitely be a regular haunt for you during your stay! Admission is free.

Opening hours: 10am to 9pm

6. Muji Salon

Furnished with classy camphorwood, the Muji Salon is a quiet bar designed for guests to completely immerse themselves in the relaxing ambience.

Muji Hotel Ginza Salon
Photo by: Muji Hotel Ginza

Serving a conscientiously-selected menu of coffee, black teas, and cocktails, the Muji Salon is a much-needed healing ground for your well-being.

Opening hours: 10am to 2am

7. Muji Library

The Muji Library is home to over 500 books and fortunately they’re not all in Japanese! Book titles include Japanese, Chinese, and English, so everyone can find something in this archive.

Muji Hotel Ginza Library
Photo by: Muji Hotel Ginza

There are also many books that guide you to local haunts and indie streets, so be sure to drop by if you want to amp up your Japan itinerary.

Opening hours: 24 hours

Ready for a cosy night stay? You can book a room directly from the Muji hotel website! Otherwise, you can also consider chic capsule hotels and even travel hostels for an alternative accommodation.

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One last tip: Though Japan is highly regarded as a safe travel destination, always remain vigilant when travelling overseas because you never know when you’ll lose SGD $9,000 overnight in Tokyo.

Muji Hotel Ginza: 6F, 3-3-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Muji Hotel Shenzhen: UpperHills, 5001 Huanggang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Muji Hotel Beijing: Building 2, No.21 Langfang Toutiao, Meishi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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