“Not A Money Changer” Takes Over The Arcade

Not a Money Changer Takes Over The Arcade
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YouTrip flexes its best rates at Singapore’s best foreign currency exchange home ground in Raffles Place – with bubble tea!


Last week, YouTrip assembled a pop-up store at The Arcade – challenging what Singaporeans believe to be the best place to change money. Folks headed to change money were delighted to discover foreign currency exchange rates that offered better bang for their buck.

YouTrip pop-up store at The Arcade

Convenience AND Better Rates, You Say?

As sign ups would only take three minutes, many downloaded the app immediately as new converts and were treated to a free SGD $5 credit in their YouTrip wallets and a refreshing taro bubble tea (yes, we like purple!).

Free YouTrip taro bubble tea for new sign ups

Upon signing up through the app, users would receive their free prepaid YouTrip Mastercard within two weeks. Once activated, they would then be able to enjoy Wholesale Exchange Rates and shop easily with 150 currencies with zero fees.

Popular currency enquiries included the Japanese Yen (JPY), New Taiwan Dollar (TWD), and Korean Won (KRW). Here is a quick comparison on purchasing a popular Japanese product.


Credit Card Money Changer YouTrip
20 Boxes of Tokyo Banana (JPY ¥41,140) SGD $516.12 SGD $503.76 SGD $501.58

Foreign currency exchange rates accurate as of 10 December 2018, 5.55pm.

YouTrip Mastercard delivered to your home within two weeks

Cash is King…? Not Really.

Among many travel headaches, foreign cash is one of the biggest inconvenience. Not only must you carry your stacks around, having to deal with excess money after the trip can be rather troublesome. Exchanging them back to local SGD is not an option, because the money changer rates will not be in your favour.

Many then choose to stash these foreign currencies away, “saving” them for the next trip that hasn’t even been planned yet.

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Similarly, in YouTrip’s mobile wallet, you can exchange and store up to 10 most globally-traded currencies (SGD, GBP, EUR, USD, HKD, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF, SEK). The difference is that with Wholesale Exchange Rates, you will never have to worry about losing money when exchanging different currencies back and forth.

Wholesale Exchange Rates

Of course, you don’t have to store them if you don’t want to. Simply top up sufficient SGD in your mobile wallet and YouTrip will do the Smart Exchange when you spend overseas (with the same Wholesale Exchange Rates).


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Join now to enjoy the best foreign exchange rates!

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