Indonesia: A Safety Guide for Travellers

Indonesia: A Safety Guide for Travellers
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Latest updates on events in Indonesia that may affect your travel and holiday plans.

Updated: 29 May 2019

Summary (Central Jakarta): Riots

  • Following the general election results on 21 May, opposition demonstrations have turned to violent riots in central Jakarta.
  • Eight people have been killed and over 200 hurt in the riots.
  • Eight countries: Canada, United States, England, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines have issued travel advisories.
  • Six people have been arrested for a failed assassination plot against top government officials.

Summary (Bali): Mount Agung volcano eruption

  • Mount Agung volcano erupted on 25 May and ash spread over southern parts of Bali – blazing lava and rocks have spread about 3km from the crater.
  • Four arrival flights were diverted and five departing flights cancelled.
  • 4km radius exclusion zone remains in place.
  • Flights have since resumed.

I’m now travelling in Indonesia / I’ll be travelling to Indonesia soon, what should I do?

You’re encouraged to e-Register your travel details with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Overall Safety
1. Don’t put yourself in areas of possible dangers, including areas where demonstrations, political rallies, or natural disasters are occurring.
2. Be on your guard and exercise increased caution if you’re near these dangerous areas.
3. Keep yourself updated and monitor local media for latest updates.
4. Be aware of your surroundings and remain vigilant at all times.

Central Jakarta
Travellers have been warned to avoid areas of protests, demonstrations and political rallies, especially in these vicinities:

  • Election Supervisory Board (BAWASLU at Jalan Thamrin No. 14)
  • Constitutional Court (Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat)
  • State Palace (Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara No.3)

You can keep yourself up to date with the airlines’ social media pages for latest updates on cancelled or rescheduled flights.

I require consular assistance in Indonesia, who can I contact?

  • Singapore Embassy in Jakarta (24-hours): +62 811 863 348
  • Consulate-General in Batam (24-hours): +62 811 691 6916
  • Consulate-General in Medan (24-hours): +62 811 617 0339
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24-hours): +65 6379 8800/8855

For updates and other information, follow Singapore Embassy in Jakarta on Facebook.

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