7 Most Beautiful Cemeteries In The World To Visit Before You Die

7 Most Beautiful Cemeteries In The World To Visit Before You Die
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From olden victorian resting places to unusual termite graves, here are some of the most hauntingly beautiful cemeteries in the world you must visit!

There’s just something about the Hungry Ghost Festival that brings about a sense of hunger for all things spooky – including usually taboo places like cemeteries! The thought of creepy cemeteries might not be your cup of tea, but what if we shined a different light on these eternal resting places? Who knows, some of these beautiful cemeteries around the world might even become one of your favourite strolling spots 👻

1. Skogskyrkogården Cemetery, Sweden

Skogskyrkogården Cemetery Sweden beautiful cemeteries
Photo by: Time Travel Turtle

Nestled quaintly among the meadows, the Skogskyrkogården Cemetery is a peaceful woodland cemetery that looks like it came straight out of a picture book. Although it’s a quiet resting spot for the dead, the Skogskyrkogården Cemetery glows with life as rays of sunshine stream into the robust greenery shrouding it. This beautiful cemetery is also where world-renowned DJ Tim Bergling, famously known as Avicii, is laid to rest.

Address: Sockenvägen, 122 33 Stockholm, Sweden

2. Cimetière du Père Lachaise, Paris

Cimetière du Père Lachaise Paris beautiful cemeteries
Photo by: Paris Convention And Visitors Bureau

Paris is known as the city of love, and it’s no shock that it’s also home to the world’s most visited – and arguably most romantic – cemeteries in the world. With cobbled walkways and elegant monuments, the Cimetière du Père Lachaise is a popular date spot for many lovebirds. Housing notable burials like famous playwright Oscar Wilde and piano prodigy Frédéric Chopin, the cemetery sees 3.5 million visitors each year – almost the same amount of visitors to the Empire State Building of New York City!

Address: 8 Boulevard de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris, France

3. Waverly Cemetery, Sydney

Waverly Cemetery Sydney beautiful cemeteries
Photo by: Pocket OZ Travel and Information Guide Sydney

The Waverly Cemetery is perched atop a cliff along the iconic Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. With sophisticated Victorian and Edwardian monuments decorating the cemetery and a stunning view of the sparkling ocean, the Waverly Cemetery is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful cemeteries. Some notable burials in this coastal cemetery includes renowned writer Henry Lawson and poet Dorothea Mackellar.

Address: St Thomas St & Trafalgar St, Bronte NSW 2024, Australia

4. Merry Cemetery, Romania

Merry Cemetery Romania beautiful cemeteries
Photo by: iExplore

With brightly coloured oak crosses adorned with pictures and poetry, this vibrant cemetery in the town of Sapanta is definitely fitting with its name – Merry Cemetery. Death may be a solemn subject, but the townspeople make it easier to cope with light-hearted and sometimes cryptic illustrations of the departed on their personalised crosses! Dark humour at its peak indeed.

Address: Săpânța 437305, Romania

5. Okunoin Cemetery, Japan

Okunoin Cemetery Japan beautiful cemeteries
Photo by: Awesome Tours

Hidden within the forests of Mount Koya, the Okunoin Cemetery is Japan’s largest cemetery. Home to over 200,000 graves, the mysterious Okunoin Cemetery is also a sacred pilgrimage destination. It’s even alleged that some of the lanterns within Okunoin have been burning for over 1200 years! At the Okunoin Cemetery, you’ll see many unconventional memorials like tributes to exterminated termites, puffer fish that end up on dinner plates, rockets and coffee mugs!

Address: Koyasan, Koya, 伊都郡 Wakayama 648-0211, Japan

6. Highgate Cemetery, London

Highgate Cemetery London beautiful cemeteries
Photo by: Secret London

Enter a labyrinth of mystery at the Highgate Cemetery of London. Other than the gothic-style graves and regal monuments, this beautiful cemetery also draws visitors in with its exquisite Victorian architecture. The Highgate Cemetery is the final resting spot for various famous names including German philosopher Karl Marx, singer George Michael and author Douglas Adams.

Address: Swain’s Ln, Highgate, London N6 6PJ, UK

7. Panteón Antiguo, Mexico

Panteón Antiguo Mexico beautiful cemeteries
Photo by: Greg Willis

If you’re a fan of Disney’s film Coco, you’ll definitely want to visit the Panteón Antiguo in Oaxaca, Mexico. Established far back in the 16th century, this beautiful cemetery comes to live nearing the Day of the Dead. It’s believed that the spirits of departed loved ones will return on this day. The cemetery brims with festivities as families gather to decorate the graves with bright orange marigolds, candles and food – let’s not forget the merry drinking and mariachis!

Address: San Miguel Achiutla, Oaxaca, Mexico

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