10 Carry-on Packing Tips For Travellers: Ultimate Packing Guide

10 Carry-on Packing Tips For Travellers: Ultimate Packing Guide
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Learn how to organise your carry-on and pack smarter! Pack like a pro to save on luggage fees, avoid baggage delay and losing your luggage during holidays.

It’s important to pack your life into a carry-on, especially when travelling on a budget or a solo trip. There are many perks to travelling luggage-free, especially if you’re going on a short trip!

Why Should I Travel Luggage-free?

  1. Save on luggage fees – Check-in luggage fees can range from SGD $35 to even SGD $200 during peak periods.
  2. Ease of mobility – No dragging your luggage over cobble stones, carrying it up the stairs or ploughing it through the snow.
  3. Convenience – All your travel accessories are easily accessible in your carry-on.
  4. Avoid luggage delay – Being late sucks, especially if you have transport scheduled to bring you to your accommodation.
  5. No fear of losing luggage – Can’t lose something you don’t have, right?

Ready to travel? Here’s 10 best tips to help you pack your carry-on!

1. Know Your Carry-on Allowance

You wouldn’t want to pay hefty fines for an oversized carry-on. Most airlines allow for one carry-on that fits in the overhead locker and one ‘personal item’ that fits under the seat in front of you. Regulations vary for different airlines, so do a double check!

For example, Ryanair’s new bag policy only allows for one small bag that must fit under the seat (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) for non-priority passengers. It’s one of the smallest across all budget airlines.

Pack Your Life Into A Carry-On

2. Use a Softside Bag

Don’t use a clunky, hardside bag. Packing in a softside carry-on haversack or duffel bag gives you the flexibility to shape your bag according to the items you’re packing. It acts as a better cushion to hug too 😝.

Keep a foldable bag in your carry-on bag as well, in case you need extra space when returning, you can always check in one of the bags.

Pack Your Life Into A Carry-On

3. Pack Travel Size Toiletries

All liquids, gels, and aerosols must be in containers (no more than 100ml or 3.4 fl oz) and in a one quart-sized (1L) transparent ziplock bag. Keep this ziplock on top of all your clothes to avoid having to dig through your carry-on bag during security check!

If you’re staying in a hotel, there’s no need to pack shampoo and soap, because they’re provided for free. In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of things you cannot take from hotels.

4. Check the Weather

It’s always good to be prepared. Check the weather beforehand to gauge whether you’ll need a winter jacket or just a light windbreaker. This helps you plan your clothes strategically to pack in the carry-on bag.

Pack Your Life Into A Carry-On

5. Re-use Key Clothing Items

There’s no need to pack one outfit for each day. If you’re travelling in winter, one outer coat will serve you well. Plus, you can even re-wear your bottoms to mix and match your style.

6. Roll All Your Clothes

You’ve heard this countless times – because it works. Not only does rolling clothes save space, it keeps everything organised in your carry-on.

7. Utilise Hidden Spaces

Stuff snack bars in your carry-on backpack’s bottle pouches at the side. Stuff some socks in your extra clothes pockets. Make use of all ‘hidden’ spaces to maximise the limited space in your carry-on!

10 Carry-on Packing Tips For Travellers: Ultimate Packing Guide

8. Ziplock Everything

If you really need extra space and prefer to organise your clothes, you can ziplock everything (and even vacuum pack). The ziplock bags can double as laundry bags too!

10 Carry-on Packing Tips For Travellers: Ultimate Packing Guide

9. Wear your Bulkiest Clothing on the Plane

Imagine how much space you can save by wearing your jacket instead of stuffing it into your carry-on. A jacket also keeps you warm when you get chilly onboard, and can even double as a back pillow.

Though it might be troublesome to remove your boots during security checks, it really frees up a chunk of space in your carry-on.

10. Pack Only What You Need

Do you really need three pairs of shoes? Reading a paperback book would be nice, but maybe read it on the iPad that you’re bringing along anyway! Rethink everything you’re packing before it secures the limited space in your carry-on.

Unsure about what to pack? From microfibre towels to the indispensable power bank, here’s the essential solo travel packing list you’d ever need. Don’t forget to compare and pick the best travel wifi router to stay connected during your holidays.

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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