YouTrip x Mastercard® Top-Up Lucky Draw

Terms and Conditions

The YouTrip x Mastercard Top-Up Lucky Draw (“Campaign” or “Draw”) is governed by these Terms and Conditions and constitutes your contract with YouTrip (Singapore), or its related subsidiaries and affiliates (“YouTrip”):

  1. Campaign Period
    1. The Campaign will be valid from 12 August 2019 (SGT 00:00) to 26 August 2019 (SGT 23:59)  (“Campaign Period”).
  2. Eligibility
    1. To be eligible for the Campaign, an Eligible Participant (“Participant”) should meet the following conditions:
      1.  A Singapore citizen, Permanent Resident, or legally residing in the Republic of Singapore.
      2. Has a valid YouTrip account.
      3. Employees of YouTrip and its affiliate agencies are not eligible for the redemption of Rewards associated to this Campaign (“Reward/s“). YouTrip reserves the right to not allow participation by any person, at its sole discretion.
    2. To be eligible to enter the Draw:
      1. Participants are entitled One (1) x Chance in the Draw (“Draw Entry“) if he/she:
        – Completes One (1) top-up with any Mastercard credit or debit card within the Campaign Period.
      2.  Participants are entitled Two (2) x Chances in the Draw if he/she:
        – Completes One (1) top-up with any Mastercard credit or debit card within the Campaign Period and have made at least 1 non-Mastercard top-up between 1 May 2019 (SGT 00:00) to 11 August 2019 (SGT 23:59). Every subsequent top-up with any Mastercard credit or debit card within the Campaign Period equates to One (1) chance each.
        – Completes first top-up on YouTrip with any Mastercard credit or debit card within the Campaign Period.  E
        very subsequent top-up with any Mastercard credit or debit card within the Campaign Period equates to One (1) chance each.
    3. To be eligible to receive a Reward (“Eligible Awardee“), Participants should:
      1. Have successfully activated his/her YouTrip account.
      2. Have completed all Draw entry eligibility requirements. 
    1. The Draw comprises of the following Rewards: 
      1. S$1,000 YouTrip Credits x 1 Winner
      2. S$500 YouTrip Credits x 3 Winners
      3. S$200 YouTrip Credits x 5 Winners
      4. S$100 YouTrip Credits x 10 Winners
      5. S$50 YouTrip Credits x 30 Winners
      6. S$20 YouTrip Credits x 100 Winners
      7. S$10 YouTrip Credits x 200 Winners
      8. S$10 Refinery Concepts e-Vouchers x 1,500 Winners
    2. All YouTrip Credits Rewards will credited to the YouTrip accounts of Three Hundred and Forty Nine (349) Eligible Awardees by 6 September 2019. 
    3. All S$10 Refinery Concepts e-Vouchers will be emailed to the registered email address of One Thousand and Five Hundred (1,500) Eligible Awardees by 6 September 2019. YouTrip is not an agent of the Merchant supplying the Reward and makes no representation as to the quality, performance of the Reward, and the services provided by the Merchant. The Reward is subject to the Merchant’s terms and conditions. Any dispute about quality, performance of the Reward, and services provided by the Merchant must be resolved directly with the Merchant. 
    4. Each Eligible Awardee is entitled to receive One (1) Reward only. Rewards are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash, in whole or in part. 
  3. No Fraud or Violation of Terms
    1. YouTrip reserves the right to reject or clawback the Rewards granted or to be granted to the user in case of any fraudulent, dishonest and inappropriate, as deemed solely by YouTrip activities related to this Campaign. Such activities include but is not limited to fraudulent account details, account set up using third party’s information without consent, and other malicious actions.
  4. No refunds and rights to clawback
      1. Rewards granted under this Campaign is non-refundable in any forms including cash, and under any circumstances including YouTrip account closure, suspense, loss, and expiry. YouTrip reserves the right to deduct from the account balance of the user or request for reimbursement payment for the relevant awards granted due to fraudulent, dishonest and inappropriate activities as described in Clause 4.
  5. Change of Terms and Termination
    1. YouTrip reserves the final right to change the Terms and Conditions of this Campaign or terminate this Campaign any time without prior notification.
  6. Acceptance of Terms
    1. By participating in this Draw, the Participant shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to this the terms and conditions stated herein. The Participant shall also be deemed to have:
      1. Agreed to receive communications by YouTrip via email, phone, SMS, app notifications according to our Privacy Policy as disclosed in
      2. Agreed and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of YouTrip as disclosed in
  7. Governing Law
    1. This Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.