Student Brand Manager



What’s this about?

We are looking for Student Brand Managers to inject life and fun into the YouTrip brand as an advocate in your personal capacity and during our community events!

Sounds interesting? Here’s more about us.

Officially launched in August 2018, YouTrip ( is Singapore’s 1st multi-currency mobile wallet that lets travellers pay overseas with no fees in over 150 currencies. With the YouTrip app, travellers can exchange and store up to 10 currencies anytime, anywhere. YouTrip is developed and operated by You Technologies Group, a regional financial technology startup based in Singapore and Hong Kong, in collaboration with EZ-Link and Mastercard.

We look for people with entrepreneurial spirit who demonstrates curiosity, creativity and hard work. In return, we offer an environment that encourages learning, sharing and pushing the boundaries.

You are…

  • A university student
  • You see only the possibilities, and you do what you CAN’T (cos where’s the fun in doing what you can?)
  • You are creative and passionate
  • You have goals and you work hard to get ‘em
  • You are captivated by the wonders of the world, and will travel miles just to behold them with your own eyes.
  • Meeting new people energises you!
  • New environments don’t scare you either, in fact, it excites you!

Sounds like you? Here’s all you’ll do.

Be the face and voice of YouTrip

Share the merits of the YouTrip card with your friends and encourage them to be a part of the YouTrip community. For every sign-up you acquire, you’ll be paid a referral reward fee.

Keep us updated on campus events

We would love to connect with the campuses. If there are events in your campus that YouTrip can sponsor or be a part of, link us up! Exam welfare pack distribution, overseas exchange fairs, you name it. We can be physically present, or we can also drop our vouchers at the event. We are open to all big and small happenings!

Meet the YouTrip community at community events

Outside of campus, YouTrip hosts many events and activities throughout the year. It’ll be awesome if you can represent YouTrip at these events, and meet the growing YouTrip community.

Curate social media content for YouTrip

Express your creativity by taking pictures of the YouTrip card in action! You can post them on your channel for our YouTrip community manager to repost on YouTrip’s main channels. Check out the creative possibilities on our social media channels!

Write for the YouTrip blog

Speak to the world through your words! If you enjoy writing, share your ideas with us. Upon approval, you can start writing and have your articles published on our public domain.

Sounds good? Here’s what’s in it for you!  


To apply

If you are interested in this position, please complete the Student Brand Manager application form and our community team will be in touch with more details.