YouTrip’s First Birthday Party with our Community

YouTrip's First Birthday Party with our Community
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Thrilling travel stories, loads of free exclusive YouTrip merch, great food and drinks: It’s all here at YouTrip’s birthday celebration and community party!

To celebrate YouTrip’s first birthday, we hosted our largest community party on 23 August at the Crane Club with 120 YouTroopers—power users, Student Brand Managers, YouTrip Ambassadors—and our brand partners.

Each YouTrooper received a #birthdaytrippin box that includes an exclusive collection of YouTrip merchandise: Tote bag, card holder, travel adapter, passport holder, and even a coffee bean voucher!

Caecilia Chu, CEO and co-founder of YouTrip, kicked off the night with an opening speech, expressing her gratitude to all users for their tremendous support for YouTrip for the past one year.

YouTroopers Sharing Session

To celebrate our love for travel, three YouTroopers also took the stage to share their unique travel journeys around the world.

3 months along the Trans-Siberian Railway 🚂
Our first YouTrooper, Hendric, embarked on a 3-month travel journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway, where he was met with various challenges like asking for a safe place to sleep in a village, losing bags on the train, and finally meeting kind folks during his couch-surfing attempts.

Hendric left his 9 to 5 job in 2013 when he decided to travel the world. With only SGD $16,000 in savings, he took on the challenge while juggling freelance media work. Today, he continues to channel his passion for travel as the co-founder of The Travel Intern, a community of travel storytellers.

2 years around the world as a solo female traveller 🙆‍♀️
Our second YouTrooper, Xin En, took us on her incredible 2-year solo travel journey and shared how she overcame doubts from her loved ones. She did her research and planning for 3 years, before finally quitting her job to embark on the journey.

While travelling the world, Xin En also fulfilled one of the goals she set out—to learn Spanish, which she even enrolled in a Mexican language school for a month. Her most significant achievement? Too many to count! But one stood out the most: She completed an 8-day hike and reached over 4,000 metres without a single shower.

6 months across the USA, Canada & Mexico in a self-built van 🚐
Our final YouTroopers, Vanrovers, are a couple who’s been together for more than 8 years. Fresh out of university, they decided to do the unthinkable: Build a van and travel through the USA for 6 months. With zero carpentry and mechanical skills, they relied heavily on YouTube and books to convert their van into a portable home.

Throughout their van life, they almost got towed away while still asleep, had their petrol stolen, and got their van stuck in the mud. Read and watch everything about their 169-day adventure in this digital diary.

Freebies at Activity Booths

Personalised travel scent 💨
Floral? Oriental? Woody? After completing a personality test, YouTroopers brought home their own unique YouTrip perfume!

Caricature ✏️
Ever wondered how you would look like as a bobblehead cartoon? YouTroopers sat patiently on the couch while our caricature artist sketched them in their most adorable form!

Photo booth 📸
It ain’t no party without a fabulous photo booth! YouTroopers rushed to pose with flashy props as they only had 10 seconds to prepare between shots.

Let’s Eat!

YouTroopers were also treated to delectable food at the buffet table with multiple servings of Salmon Aburi and Carbonara Linguine, while the two mini tartlets: Boston Lobster & Tiger Prawn Ragout and Portobello Truffle Ragout were also a big hit among party-goers.

In addition to beers, wines, and gin & tonic, a special purple YouTrip Sunrise cocktail was also served to celebrate our iconic purple.

See You Next Party!

Thank you to all YouTroopers for supporting us throughout the year! We look forward to hosting you at more community parties to come. Wanna turn up at our next Community Party? Click here to let us know!

If you’re interested to become a YouTrip Student Brand Manager or YouTrip Ambassador, click on the relevant links to indicate your interest and we’ll reach out to you too!

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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