Use YouTrip Card as “Ez-link” (Guide to Activate for Rides)

Use YouTrip Card as "Ez-link" (Guide to Activate for Rides)
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YouTrip card’s public transit payment function is now automatically activated for contactless fare payments on bus and MRT rides!


4 April 2019 –No prior activation is required. Simply perform a top-up in your YouTrip app and ensure that there’s sufficient balance. Note that top-ups at General Ticketing Machines at stations and interchanges are not supported.  

Your Total Fare
Your fare will not be reflected immediately when you tap your YouTrip card at MRT stations and on buses. Instead, it’ll be presented as a lump sum either:

  1. Every 5 days
  2. When total fares exceed S$15

Transaction record for your Total Fare may be displayed due to the delayed information from TransitLink. Your account balance may be deducted by the Total Fare before displaying on your activities. 

MRT/BUS Balance Check
From time to time, you may notice a SGD $0.10 MRT/BUS Balance Check. This is used to check whether your card has sufficient balance before your rides. Another SGD $0.10 authorisation will also be indicated when you link your YouTrip card with TransitLink SimplyGo (previous working name “Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) System”).

This is not your fare and it’ll be reversed within 7 to 30 days. 

*All users under the Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) program will not be affected. Fare reduction processes remain the same.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much are the fares?
Fares remain the same as adult fares on your travel and Ez-link cards.

Do I use it like an Ez-link card?
Simply tap your YouTrip card when boarding the bus, MRT, or trains, just like you would with your Ez-link cards.

Are there registration charges?

Are there extra fees?

Can I use it overseas?
Yes! If the public transportation supports Mastercard contactless payment (eg. London), then you can use your YouTrip card to pay for the rides as well.


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Enjoy a seamless travel experience!

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