Agoda | Up to 63% + 6% Off Hotels in Seoul, South Korea

Agoda Up to 63% + 6% Off Hotels in Seoul, South Korea
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Enjoy up to 63% discount for hotels in Seoul, South Korea when you book through Agoda! Plus, additional 6% when you pay with your YouTrip card.

Book Period: Now – 31 December 2019
Stay Period: Now – 30 June 2020

Click on the hotel names directly to book and enjoy the special discounts!

AreaHotel NameDiscount (excluding of additional Youtrip 6%)
HongdaeMarigold Hotel 27%
HongdaeAmanti Hotel Seoul 10%
GangnamSunshine Hotel10%
GangnamGlad Live Gangnam15%
GangnamGLAD Gangnam COEX Center4%
ItaewonHotel ITW50%
ItaewonImperial Palace Boutique Hotel50%
InsadongHotel Biz Jongno Insadong63%
MyeongdongHotel PJ Myeongdong46%
MyeongdongSeoul Rex Hotel5%
MyeongdongUH Hotel30%

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Valid till 31 December 2019

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Enjoy a worldwide fees-less travel experience!

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